Q: What is St. Anthony Hall?
A: St. A's is a co-ed literary fraternity.

Q: Where do you live?
A: We live in King House, a mansion located at 154 Hope Street, on the corner of Hope and Benevolent. Built in 1895, it's one of the oldest dorms on campus.

Q: How accessible is King House?
A: All events take place on the first floor, but there are a few steps leading up to the front door. There is a ramp + elevator with which you can circumvent these steps. We are more than happy to help you use them if you already have your own universal lift key through existing SEAS accomodations (we're still working to get access so you don't need to have your own lift key).
If you decide to live with us and are unable to use the stairs, you will be given priority within the internal housing process so you can choose a room on the first floor. The second and third floors can only be accessed via the stairs.
Please let us know (in person or via email) if you have any other auditory/visual considerations you want us to keep in mind. We want your experience in the space to be the best it can be!

Q: So what's a co-ed literary fraternity?
A: We're a supportive, tight-knit group of people who value creativity and expression and share a common passion for learning and literature.

Q: Don't fraternities just drink all the time? And haze?
A: All of our members are free to make their own decisions about drinking. While alcohol is present on many occasions, it's not a central aspect of our organization. You can also rest assured that the fraternity has never and will never haze any of its members or pledges.

Q: So what does it mean to be a "fraternity" then?
A: For us it's about having sisters and brothers whom you can trust and rely on, and who trust and rely upon you. We're also a national organization and our network of chapters spans from as far north as MIT to as far south as the Univerity of Mississippi.

Q: What does a co-ed literary fraternity do?
A: Among other things, we produce a literary magazine, participate in community service projects, host various lectures, literary and social events, and throw parties featuring live music. Above all we're a group of close friends who support each other.

Q: The "Saint" in your name - are you a religious group?
A: No, we are not religiously affiliated; our name is just a historical quirk.

Q: You seem to really like King House. What's so cool about the place?
A: Well, what's not to like? King House is a restored mansion, so it has all the comforts of living in a house that you can't get from the dorms. We're also lucky enough to have three lounges, a study library, a large and fully stocked kitchen, a bar, a working (and frequently used) fireplace, a solarium, a piano, indivdual bathrooms, as well as some of Brown's largest singles and doubles. In addition, we're not located on Wriston and, believe us, the slightly longer walk to the Main Green is worth the peace and quiet.

Q: OK, so you're a fraternity. Do you have secrets?
A: If we did, do you think we'd write them on our website?

Q: How do I find out more?
A: The best way to get to know us is to stop by the Hall (directions). Any of our members would be happy to address any questions you may have. To learn more - or to be added to the event mailing list - you can always email St.AnthonyHall@gmail.com. See you at the Hall!