President: Cherise Pabia
Treasurer: Julia Gross
Social Chairs: William Ward, Stronshay Washington
Community Service Chair: Moie Uesugi
Secretary: Stronshay Washington
Historian: Mary Woodard, Asey Koh
Literary Events Chairs: Laura Kenney, Katie Scholl
Sketchbook Editors: Katie Scholl, Stronshay Washington, Mary Woodard
Inclusivity Chairs*: Stronshay Washington, Annabelle Barsky, Lexi Lerner, Mary Woodard, Moie Uesugi
Tech Chair: Moie Uesugi
House Managers: Sophia Song, Annabelle Barsky, Stronshay Washington

* The inclusivity chairs can be reached at They are more than open to talking about any concerns you may have or discomforts you experience in our space at any time.

Current Members

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William Ward
Stronshay Washington
Sophia Song
Moie Uesugi
Laura Kenney
Katie Scholl
Julia Gross
Joas Alfajardo
Asey Koh
Arthur Sun
Alyssa McPherson


Zoë Sackman
Zach Silberberg
Will Kochanski
Melissa Cruz-Rivas
Lexi Lerner
Jake Small
Geoff Kocks
Erin McCloskey
Dina Sabetta
Cherise Pabia


Seb Pihan
Polina Tamarina
Noah Fields
Mia Rollins
Mary Woodard
Hollis Jenkins
Eleanor Walsh
David Reich


Ari Beller
Annabelle Barsky


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