St. Anthony Hall was founded in 1847 at Columbia University in New York, soon expanding to other colleges and universities across the East coast. The fraternity has since gone co-ed, and we are proud to be the first formerly all-male fraternity to accept women as sisters. We still keep in close contact with other chapters of our fraternity at other universities.

The Kappa chapter of St. Anthony Hall was refounded in 1983 by a group of students at Brown ranging from poets and artists to computer scientists and medical students. They were united in their siblinghood by their passion for creativity and mutual support. Even now, thirty years later, our membership holds onto these core beliefs: we're a group of college students who support each other and learn from each other, with a common passion for the literary arts.

As a literary community, we like to say that "literary is broadly defined!" To us, something literary stirs passion and conversation -- this may be literature, theatre, or visual art, but it may also be computer science, biology, or math. We recognize at St. A's that no one person can define what "literary" means. We also recognize that the history of the term is mired in a white and colonial definition of what "art" is. This is something we seek to understand and unravel.

Since Kappa's founding, we have grown and changed in many different ways. Our events, ranging from open-mic nights and writing workshops to movie screenings, have brought us closer as a siblinghood, and often lead to thoughtful, spontaneous conversations. If you think you want to be a part of that, come to one of our events and get to know us better! Our house, King House, is located at 154 Hope Street on the corner of Hope and Benevolent. We hope to see you here!