Rush 2019

Come get to know us! St. A's holds rush from Jan 25th through Feb 22th. We always love seeing new faces and we hope to see you there! (psst: free pancakes every sunday!)

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Friday 1/25 8-10pm - Jackson Pollock Night

Help us kick off the Rush season with a night of channeling your inner Jackson Pollock by splattering our walls with paint! Whether you’re a seasoned artist or just want to relieve new-semester stress with the splat of paint-on-wall, drop by and say hi!

Sunday 1/27 12-2pm - IKHOP

Indulge in lazy Sunday mornings with us at our weekly International King House of Pancakes (IKHOP). We'll provide delicious, homemade pancakes of both vegan and non-vegan varieties as well as nostalgic cartoons, fun board games, and excellent company. If that's enough to convince you, did we mention it's ~free~?

Thursday 1/31 6-8pm - Dumpling Evocation

This course investigates Dumplings through alternative ontological approaches, both the etymological spectres surrounding Dumplings and the culinary gastro-object. Themes may include: merlions, "Tender Ears," horns, dough-ness, "Ich Dien," and Edward III. By the end of our time together, we hope to make 150 dumplings. Enrollment limited to students of semester level: 01 and above.

Saturday 2/2 4-6pm - Chamomile & Creativity

Join us for a relaxing afternoon of creation, sharing, and tea! Part workshop, part open-mic, part collaborative art making session, this event has something for anyone interested in the creative process, no matter your medium. And did we mention the tea?

Sunday 2/3 12-2pm - IKHOP

Wednesday 2/6 7-9pm - Game Night

You like games? We’ve got games! Come to King House and check out our extensive collection of board and card games— and then join us for a fun night in! And if you like cider, there’s that too. How do you like them Apples to Apples?

Friday 2/8 8-10pm - Jam Night

Play an instrument? Interested in spontaneous, informal music-making? Head to King House for an afternoon of all-improv jamming!

Sunday 2/10 12-2pm - IKHOP

Tuesday 2/12 7-9pm - Narratives of Self Care

How do you define self care? Want to learn more strategies for how to survive Brown when you’re feeling down? Come to Narratives of Self Care Night! Sheet masks, tea, nail polish, readings, and arts and crafts will be provided as we discuss ways to improve how we think and talk about care. It will be an evening of relaxation, friendship, and reflection. We hope to see you there!

Saturday 2/16 10pm-??? - Sleepover

Come spend the night at the King House! Bring your PJs and snuggle up as we burn the midnight oil playing games, eating snacks, and watching movies!

Sunday 2/17 12-2pm - IKHOP

Monday 2/18 12pm - 12am - Miyazaki Marathon

Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, Howl's Moving Castle - join us at King House for an all-day dive into the fantastical worlds of Studio Ghibli! We're watching 6 of their greatest films back-to-back starting at noon!

Saturday 2/22 7-9pm - Dinner and a Murder

With the end of Rush on the horizon, we all thought we were safe… and we were wrong. Tragedy has struck King House in the form of a gruesome murder! Now, there is only one thing that can be done-- host a dinner party! Come enjoy free food while attendees and house members alike untangle the web of lies and blood.