TJ Banks

Celia Johnson | she/her

When not studying for biochemistry in the SciLi, Celia can be found reading books, often speculative and/or romantic in nature; watching anything from a Jane Austen adaptation to the latest Dropout video; or (much to the amusement of her fellow members) on Reddit. Though a lover of music and the written word, if she had infinite resources and time, her dream creative project would be building a carousel.

Gabby Steinbrenner

Cerulean Ozarow

Ava Shi | she/they

Tea witch of this coven~ chaos generator~ I study Soviet history and I am constantly developing new hobbies.


Nadia Bishop | she/her

Hello! My name is Nadia, and I am a junior at King House! I love to crochet, sew and bake, and I have two cats named after my favorite murder mystery series!

Yilin Xie 

Jenny Chen | she/her

Hey, my name is Jenny! Lover of all things art related, fashion, and cats!

Jake Regenwetter | he/him or they/them

Hey, I’m Jake! (K’23, Brown ‘26) I’m a fan of swimming, writing, music, math, science, performance art, a nice Asian squat, spicy food, and a couple other things.

Jai Singh | he/him

Hi! My name is Jai and I'm a pre-med student studying philosophy. I love chatting about tv shows and sci-fi stuff. 

Sydney Meza | she/her

Hello!! Please talk to me about living in niche states ie. utah, and any anime/cartoon/cute things !! <3

Praew Lerthirunvibul 

Hunter Melton | he/him

My names Hunter Melton, and I’m a rising Junior. In my free time I like cooking, reading, and writing weird children’s stories.


Donovan Homsey  | he/him

Hi!! o.O Just a young lad who likes to giggle, play Pokemon, and study financial systems. Loyal sibling to the house and dedicated friend to all those who call it home <3

Ella Vermut | she/her

Ella studies English and Music and wishes she got more sleep. She loves musical theatre and New York City and the wind in her hair, and once you get her talking you might never be able to stop—so watch out!

Jerry Zhao 

Owen Shipley-Dean 

Hadley | she/her

Philly native studying computer science and visual art. Loves being creative, active, and generally whimsical.

Mike Tse | any pronouns

Wannabe sommelier, bartender, barista, pianist, powerlifter, Muay Thai fighter; connoisseur in nothingness. Proudly HK & KH 🇭🇰🏡

Ellie Chang 

Junyue Ma | she/her

Hiii guys! I'm Junyue ('27). When not studying for orgo and bio, I love to draw and sing. I'm also an anime and movie fan. I'll take any recommendation!

Paulina Gąsiorowska 

Eftychia Christodoulou 


President: Yilin Xie

Vice President: ------

Treasurer: -----------

Social Chair: Gabby Steinbrenner

Community Service Chair: Jake Regenwetter

Secretary: -----

Historians: Mike Tse + Nadia Bishop

Pledgucators: -------

Literary Events Chairs: 

Sketchbook Editor: Mike Tse + Jake Regenwetter + Sydney Meza

Inclusivity Chairs: Jenna Cooley

Technomancer: Nadia Bishop

House Managers: Yilin Xie + Gabby Steinbrenner + Sydney Meza + Hadley McCormack