TJ Banks

Celia Johnson | she/her

When not studying for biochemistry in the SciLi, Celia can be found reading books, often speculative and/or romantic in nature; watching anything from a Jane Austen adaptation to the latest Dropout video; or (much to the amusement of her fellow members) on Reddit. Though a lover of music and the written word, if she had infinite resources and time, her dream creative project would be building a carousel.

Gabby Steinbrenner

Cerulean Ozarow

Ava Shi


Nadia Bishop | she/her

Hello! My name is Nadia, and I am a junior at King House! I love to crochet, sew and bake, and I have two cats named after my favorite murder mystery series!

Yilin Xie 

Jenny Chen

Jake Regenwetter | he/him or they/them

Hey, I’m Jake! (K’23, Brown ‘26) I’m a fan of swimming, writing, music, math, science, performance art, a nice Asian squat, spicy food, and a couple other things.

Jai Singh

Sydney Meza | she/her

Hello!! Please talk to me about living in niche states ie. utah, and any anime/cartoon/cute things !! <3

Praew Lerthirunvibul 

Hunter Melton


Donovan Homsey  | he/him

Hi!! o.O Just a young lad who likes to giggle, play Pokemon, and study financial systems. Loyal sibling to the house and dedicated friend to all those who call it home <3

Ella Vermut 

Jerry Zhao 

Owen Shipley-Dean 

Hadley McCormack 

Mike Tse 

Ellie Chang 

Junyue Ma 

Paulina Gąsiorowska 

Eftychia Christodoulou 


President: Yilin Xie

Vice President: ------

Treasurer: -----------

Social Chair: Gabby Steinbrenner

Community Service Chair: Jake Regenwetter

Secretary: -----

Historians: Mike Tse + Nadia Bishop

Pledgucators: -------

Literary Events Chairs: 

Sketchbook Editor: Mike Tse + Jake Regenwetter + Sydney Meza

Inclusivity Chairs: Jenna Cooley

Technomancer: Nadia Bishop

House Managers: Yilin Xie + Gabby Steinbrenner + Sydney Meza + Hadley McCormack