K'18 Fall

Mica Chau

Community Service Chair, Historian, Inclusivity Chair

Ruth Allen

Social Events Chair, Historian, House Manager, Vice President

K'18 Spring

Aubrey Calaway

House Manager

Ari Kintisch

President, SAPE

Carmen Ferran

Literary Events Chair, Pledgucator

Kahini Mehta

Community Service Chair, Sketchbook Editor

Shreya Das



Kenneth Noble

Social Events Chair, Inclusivity Chair

Gracie Zhang

Charlie Bares

Cass Zegura

Literary Events Chair, Pledgucator, Treasurer

Ashlynn Kitatake-Meyers

Aliya Thaler


William Ward

Stronshay Washington

Laura Kenney





President: Ari Kintisch

Vice President: Ruth Allen

Treasurer: Cass Zegura

Social Chairs: Kenneth Noble & Ruth Allen

Community Service Chairs: Kahini Mehta & Mica Chau

Secretary: Shreya Das

Historians: Mica Chau & Ruth Allen

Pledgucators: Cass Zegura & Carmen Ferran

Literary Events Chairs: Cass Zegura & Carmen Ferran

Sketchbook Editor: Kahini Mehta

Inclusivity Chairs*: Mica Chau & Kenneth Noble

Technomancer: Katie Scholl

House Managers: Aubrey Calaway & Ruth Allen

SAPE (Sexual Assault Peer Educator): Ari Kintisch

*The inclusivity chairs can be reached at They are more than open to talking about any concerns you may have or discomforts you experience in our space at any time.